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How To Make Blackberry Cordial

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Take very ripe berries and put tbem in porcelain lined kettle on back of range. Let thein come to a boil, stirring occasionally to crush the berries. When the juice seems to be extracted, take froru the fire and when cool enough to handle strain through a jelly bag. To cach gallon of juice add 8 pounds of cut sugar. Take a good handful of stick cinnamon, oneof wholecloves, oueof allspice. Tja these up in a pieoe of bobinet or mosquito netting and put in your kettle with juiee and (rogar. Boil nntil it is a thick sirup, remove from the fire and when cool take out the spico bag and add to each gallon of sirup one quart of good, old brandy. Bottle, cork and seal and it will keep well and improve with a8e. . The quantity of spices given for blackberry cordial in this recipe is intended for threo or four gallons of juice. If less is made, a smaller quantity of spices will be sufficient, but the whole_ spices are much better to use than thEƱ grouud, beiug_purer_andjtronger.


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