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To Pack A Trunk

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Lay asido yonr sandals, nightdress, toilet articles, medicines and shoe dressing for yonr traveling bag. It is wise to take an umbrella in the hand. Borne strap the snnshade to this, bnt in caso of a shower yon would not know whafc í to do with the stinshade, so it is best to put the latter into the trnnk. Those with adjustable handles are best for packing. Pack in layers, having everything aa flat as possible. This economizes room. All delicate apparel should be wrapped Keparately in tissue paper or towels, and sleeves of fine gowns should be etuffed ont with newspapers, also the crowns of h&ts aud bonnets, after whioh they may be pinned (hat pine) to the bottom or sidea of hat box to keep them, froru shaking about. Aigrets und otber steeple higa adorutaeuts may be detached, thea fastened on afterward. Fold the front bieadth of skirt in its crease, then it will not look mossed. It is not of great importance if the other breadtba ar creased. They soon shake ont. Never don ble over the bottom. of skirt if it is longer than the trnnk. Doubla from the top instead, where there is no stiflfening to bold creases. Pold the 'waists iuside out as smoothly as possible and stuff out the loops of large bows with uewspapers. Hose, jersey undergarments, to., may be saved ont to tuck'"into corners and epaces to keep ttc layers from jarring. The main point is to keep smooth surface in packing, plaoing laycr upon layer, and uhrn bulky articles are put in building around thoia tü yon have a smooth snrface again. lover crowd breakable articles in thé eornars or sides, rather wrap them in newspapers and place among the clothing. Some may advise yon to carry bottleff in your trnnk. Don't do it, unless, of conrse, they are done up drnggist fashion. I have carried shoe dressing and preserves among iny olothing severa! times, but the last time it was not a Buccess, and so I advise yon to take Euch artioles by hand, or pack by themeelves aud send by express.


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