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A woman's attractiveness in the eyes of man depends largely on her physical appearance. Nature, in order to preserve the race, guides mankind by instiiiclive preference for a mate who is physically sound and wholesome, Jf intellect alone were chiefly soupht. the offsprinsr might be a generation of Solomons for wisdom, br.t they would perisb in infaney for want of physical stamina. A weak or unhealthy woman is unfitted te fulfil her part in perpetuatincr the race; she is unequal to the demanda of motherhood and wifehood, she is robbed of her natural womanly attractiveness. Manya woman is cheatcd of life's ehoicest gifts by a dyspeptie, bile-poisoned tion of the systetn, which shows itarlt iti a piniply skin, sallow complexión, taiute breatb,, or tiiin. ungraceml fcirm. The must perfeet remcdy for all the mortifyinii aytnptoma of mal-nutrition and impure blood Dr. I'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Throujrh its remarkable effect upon the liver and diprestive organs it sweeps all impurities out of the circulation and creates a fresh supply of new. rich, life-ivintf blood. It Rives clearness amd bloom to the complexion; sweetens the breath; rounds out flu' face and form, and invigforatea the w tire constitution with vital enercry It restores the invincible 1h aiuy of wholesomeness and womauiy oapacity. i nasa cunipk-te wreek; tppetite goiic. nervpus sygteni impaired; cunUt not sleep, and wa 't . that I cc.ild not stand on my oei Wn min. ut.." writrs Miss Ella Havtlcy, CH -" tiouth Grant Avenue. Ca1i'.nilus. oliio: "I onlj wciclic-il ';S'. iiiiiiuils when I aminienced takins Dr, Bieree's Ooiden JIcdical Discovery, After ] had taken a half bottle I began to improve: 1 eould sleep soundly the whol iiig-ht, and would awaken with an appetite for breakiast, which was : vare thinar as I never had for two years I back eaten a hearty hreaklhst. I now have an I excellent appetite. and my friends say they nevel saw me looking better or in bctter spirits since ' they knew me. I teil them it is all due to Dr. j Pitrce's 'Discovery.'" In all cases of obstinate constiujtiou, the i " Discover? " ''■'.KI U supplemcuted willi i I pi, i ten-e's Pleasant Pellets.


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