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E. Rosenburger & Co.

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MSB Direct from Mili to Wearer. 9ÊM [ i WGr WhichSavesyou4 Big Profits. 1 7 The Commisson House. The Wholesaler. Th Jobbtr and Stort Kttper. 202-2o4E.i02ndst., NEW YORK CITY. . - ■ ■ ■ ____ _ _ v r&K JlflfsiÜTlèO Qfi m a"' ■ "'J S10-75 [An lJU tor fj (pQ Caracst Valuc cccr Offcrtd. f W,M, .„I Ofc. Onr Great Bargaln Offer ! ciUio'n l 4 & L BOYS' ADONIS SUITS, LïT. w. au ir.nd, , f ) Chirt... tjrf mTimmnuWWn. ' boughtlast Spriugthe entire productionof l ' ' M&L. These Suite are 5a..i to ba their gray and Hack l'tsh Fílele of 6.000 f . vSnmKHk. ciado from Importód Wool ChetJíces a! a sjcrificc. Thcrrlo-t wer Jblc V M 'cjÉi BBi loe, la b!nck, Iilue, tinr ""id ' . . , ,ie jbove, lei tho the f ' I HH' t&' Collar-Col'ar fancy bïfore in the hiilory of dothing .nj f ) '■ I iIsírSrt-S Lïïn ÏS (b",oTe' 'h.T.ÏÏh'ï "vforTou', ■ Exir. MOT SI, hr „. 10 .. Il !■", '■ ntw L. fT duiy on th materul. 'hV" 8llnrrollr M.nclon IM t 1 blrtMlIjnd im.ll mjdi up doublt-breïSttd 5 pM CUl twlow K i ' Wi,h raSsed jtam Hntd lhroughat.1 witl. JUST THINK OF IT ! txtr heavv wow plild llnings. pinked l !' A CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER facinKs. .llpockets fnmed and well staytd f ' %íá nni wan's "iFor ÍR QR "r.?-;- ► ) Vl4lUU ISACKSUITJ rür OGlüO .to th,,tTr. cll ut w. vu . k. L 'm" a b 1 lo duplieat p aa ) What ou can save by buying direct tn5m fot oub aijj a - l i irom the manufaclurer S J p S pritt on countof D ? f ) Guarantttd lo bs made from All _ SAr ,hc new Uriff duty. Btylt_T Sy i Woo!, Fancy Brown. Cray, Black or Ofc f ÍK - t ' CjV Blus Twee.1. mad; in latest style, J" "C-A Miisur. him M , Hk l Hned with Impeled Farmer Salín, yft?K fop hack Coa, jj iWO irimmed and fmished r the best of F A '",g ''"Pi1 X ■éSSa L Cusiom TaKor rhanner. You cannot l V also. 'ihx S fflHMÍ f duplícate it in yoi;r town for $14.00. J wig"' n 'MWWjPJKwl L SUes 54 to 42. I ' 1 .A "■ stamP wiU S Sf ( ) The same coods made fo' -J , A t"ng you samples, tffilmËBSË . ) CoatandVest f 'UU 5 : f" measure and blanks. g H[íjpr L N Howtomeasurcmen'syouth's Suits: IJ We fwy öpraa v I i Measur around the brease and f v Vl charges nd should J 138 waist over the Vest, and from crotch I V N ' you nol feel satisfied HlKffll 1 to heel !or Pjnts. ; f ,wt wil' reund th' O RíSS T ) When ordering. send Tost-Office I ' !ï , O Ml l Express money order or Registered I Remember you n6KE52HL f ) Leners. Money cheerfully refundedif ' ƒ buy direct from one SaH-iw not satisfacto:y. Ser.d 2c. stamp for V ft of the Nrgest MErV31 f ) samples, ;ape measure, measuring SU ffl U ing nunufacturer in T í b'.anks, etc. America. f -p #- a rfr


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