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Rhenmatism, Oh the Pain! The aches and pain9 of Rheumatism ecome a constant companion to all who tre victims of this disabling disease. Vluch suffering could be avoided if the irst warning pains of Rheumatism were ïeeded and the proper treatment at once aken. But the people generally are not acquainted with the cause of the disease, though thousands know its tor:ures. Those who use linitnents and ointments cannot understand why they row worse each winter, and find themelves gradually becoming unable to get around as théy once could; yet they tnow that their trouble came on at first as little aches and pains, which hardly attracted their attention. Everybody should know more about rheumatism; they should know that it ís a peculiar condition of the blood upon which all the liniments in the world can have no effect whatever. The aest blood remedy is needed - one which is able to go to the very seat of the disease, and force it out. Swift's Specific (S.S.S.) is the right remedy for Rheumatism, because it is the only blood remedy free from mercury, potash and other minerals which intensify the disease, causing stiffness of the joints and aching of the bones. Swift's Specific being a real blood remedy never fails to cure Rheumatism. It reaches even the worst cases where the doctors have made cripples with their prescriptions of potash and mercury. Mr. D. R. Johnson, an xtensive lumber dealer of Blackshear, Ga., writes: ' My wife was for years a sufferer from Rheumatism, and was treated constantly, but could obtain no relief. The pain was first feit in her left shoulder, and extended in all directions, increasing in severity. The doctors said the disease was liable to strike the heart at any time, in which event death. would be inevitable. "Every kind of treatment recommended for Rheumatism was given her, including many blood remedies, but none did her any good. She was growing worse all the whïïe, and was reduced to a mere shadow of her foimer self. "It was at this critical petiod that Swift's Specifie was given her; the medicine seemed to reach the disease promptly, and she at once began to improve. One dozen bottles effected a complete cure, and she has had no touch of the disease since." Evtry one afflicted with Rheumatism sbould take a remedy which can reach their trouble. S.S.S. will cure the most aggravated case of Rheumatism,Catarrh, Cáncer, Contagions Blood Poison, Scrofula, Eczema, or any other blood disease. It is guaranteed Ptirely Vegetable Books mailed free to any address by the Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Ga


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