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Not Practical Enough

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1 m airaid I will never be a practical business woman," sighed an estimable Detroit lady, whose fear is based upon experience, says the Detroit Freo Press. "I am so constituted that synjpathy largely controls my actions. There are times when I would like to be soulless for a brief period, just like a Corporation, or could close my eyes and act with the calm impartiality oí justice when she's unmoved by mercy. "I indorse the sentiment of Shakepeare that ingratitude ia worse ihan 'lying, babbling, drunkenness, or auy taint of vice whose strong corruption inhabits our frail flood.' I have the renting of somo property for a sister living in another city. For months it was occupied by tenants who could nol pay their rent. Moved by pity I permitted them to remaln, though reminded at intervals by my sister that she had the house as a source of revenue and should be reanzlng. She became so insistent that I quite insisted upon the occupants paying me some money. But they pleaded poverty and I don't know but my ieelings induced me to give them a líttle help when I called on business in my capacity aa agent. At length I was so prodded by my principal that I really Inmitated to the tenants that they must settle or flnd another abiding place. "At this crllical Juncture, when I was losing sleep over the situation, the wife of the tenant feil downstairs and was injured. It was not in my heart to worry them under such croumstances, so they concluded to worry me. They attributed the accident to a defective stairway and sued for damages. We were not only put to the annoyance and expense af a lawauit, but they secured a verdict for a considerable sum. And it's all because I am not strictly business. If I were they would have been evicted and we would at least have been spared the expense put upon us by a flagrant case of ingratuude. I am now debating whether to retire from the business world or turn cold-blooded."


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