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George J. Nissly, of Suline, shipped two car loaos of poultry to New Volk, last week. One car going from Saline, and the other from Bridge water. Patent poultry cara, that eaj'ry eight thousand fowls, were used. - Commercial. Last Suturday, a horse that was undergoing clipping at Frank Davenport's barn, reared up suddenly and his hoof striking Anson Patchen over the left eye, act a gash that was afterwards Bewed up by Dr. Hale. Mr. Patchen was, at the time, holding the animal by the bit. - Graas Lake News. The Adrián ïiines says: Oliker Richards, of Iludsoa, used hypnotic inlluence to bring a prisoner to justico jesterday. ïïe arrested Louis Lester for assault and battery, at Morenci, 16 miles irom Hudson. The prisoner wished to arive to Hudson in his own rig, bo he could return to his home at once after the trial. The marshal at lirst did not think of granting the man's wishes, but, being a hypnotist, concluded to try an experiment. After gettiug the man under bis control Richards told him to follow him as fast as he could. Richards drove post liaste to Hudson to fill an engagement, and Lester appeared in the justice court ontj hour later, without escort or otlicor and paid his fine. Yesterday, while two young son3 of D. D. Holder were playing with an air guD, the weapon was discharged and tlie ball it contained penetrated the left clieek of one of the boys, just below tho eye and was flattened out against the boce, about half an inch below the surface. Dr. Gates removed the ball, dressed the wound and the boy went on his way rojoieing. Had the ball struck one cighth of an inch hiher, the loss .of the eyo would have bv.en the resalt, - Dexter Leader. Dr. M. K. Guinon, of Detroit, an old Dexter boy, who graduated last year from the Michigan College of Medicine has been appointeJ assistant to the chair on nervous diseases, in the college, also professor of pharmacology and superintendent of laboratories. - Dexter Leader. The Western Washtenaw Union Parroers Club will hold their Crst fal meeting at tlie home of Mr' and Mrs. John Waltrous, Wednesduy, September 29. The date had been set for the 30th, but was changed. Let every one be prepared with a quotation. The following questions will be discussed : (I) To what extent should farmers wivcs and daughters follow the fashions? (U) Has the invention of farm niachitiery always benefited the farmer? Be sure and be on hand at 11 o'clock sharp.- Chelsea Standard, Dun C. Phillipa, of Ypsüanti. is ovv nel" and captain of the schooner yacht Myrtle Camp, which sailed from Frankfort, on Lake Michigan, for a trip to tho Hawaiian Islands. ïhey expect to make a 15,000 milo voyage. It took a month to go from Frankfort to Montroal, Canada, as no traveling was done at niht. Ja company with Mr. Phillips are two others, Messrs. Stevens and Cari Burnett.- Standard. The Chelsea Standard says Daniel Colcher brought from Palestino sonie corn, such as that mentioned in the gospels. Another man planted it and raised a small erop. Tl.e stalks and leaves resemble our own,but tho grains instead of growing on ears, grow in clusters on the top, and resemblo in appearance the tassel of our corn. The kernels are spherical and s naller than the kernel of wtaeat. Tliey are covered only by a thin chalï and very palutable. We can undrstand better this passage of scrip turé when we know the nature of the corn mentioned.


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