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Stained leather chair seats and couch covers may be cleaned by rubbing it with lightly beaten white of egg. For grease staina benzine may be used. It is often a difflcult matter to clean brushes so as not to loosen the glue which holds the bristles nor to stain the silver backs. Perhaps the best way Is to immerse the bristles in boiling soapsuds, in which a small piece ol soda has been dissolved, shaking the brush gently from side to side, being careful not to plunge it in over the back. Then rinse it thoroughly in cold, blued water, to preserve the color; the use of the two extreme temperatures will maintain the stiffness of the bristles. A paste made of benzine and whiting is said to be excellent for remeving grease stains from stone steps, while a paste made of whiting and chloride of lime spread on the stains and left to dry in the sun is said to be almost infallible in removing marks. Parrafine brushed over and well into the tiny holes is said to be the most effectual remedy for the ravages of the wood worm; a second good application for this same pest is an even coat of pure copal varnish. The best way to stiften silk handkerchiefs in the washing is to dip them in a bran watur, although a rinsing in cold water, in which a little sugar has been dissolved, will give a good effect. A solution of Isinglass dissolved in water is probably the best of all, as the stiffness imparted to silk articlea thus treated will be more lasting than that given in any other way. A pretty way of arranging scent bottles is to tie them up in long narrow bags of slik, wlth dalnty ribbon bows about the necks; they are then suspended by ribbons from the gas


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