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Another attempt is to be made to recover the millions in specie, bullion and precious stones which have been lost along the coast of this and other countries in foundered ships. The means to be used is a submarine boat built for the purpose and fitted with wheels for running on the bottom, as well as with a propellor for navigaiing the surface. The inventor of this vessel, which was launched the other da y at Baltimore and christened Argotiaut, is Mr. Simon Lake of Baltimore. The plan is to run the boat along the bottom unti) the wreek is reached, and then send out men in divers' arnior, who will be supplied with air from thp reservoirs od the Argonaut. The advantage over the old met.hod Is ihat the depth of water will be no factor, and work cannot be interrupted by storms. The vessel is thirty-six feet long by nine feet in diameter. She is built of steel and ribbed very Btrongly to withstand the pressure of the water at great depths. Electricity is her propulsive, operating and guiding force. Mr. Lake says he has the hearings of several vessels sunk on the New Jersey coast which are said to have liad on board $15,000,000 in specie and bullion. Probably the first vessels thal will be examined, says the inventor, will be the New Era, which sunk off Asbury Park in 1852. She lies in about forty-flve feet of water. The Argonaut will be given a trial trip in Chesapeake Bay in a few days.


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