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Wrong End Up

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Monsieur Calino, having taken a farm, he is very careful to instruct hib asstetants to take the proper and systematic course in all they do. "Be sure you begin your work at the bottom," is nis favorite maxim, and he repeata it wheoever he sets nis men at work. Lately he had occasion to dig a well on the place, and put to this duty a couple of men experienced in that line of work. "And be sure," he said to thñm, as they got their picks and shovels ready, "that you begin your #ork af thfe bottom!" It was a still more curious reversal of things, perhaps, which led one of Monsieur Calino's servants, a goed wonian, to come running to him one day with the announcement: "Quick, monsieur, come here! Your little Jean has fallen into the ditch, and he's into the mud up to his ankles!" "Up to his ankles?" said Calino. "Why, hat's nothing." "Oh, but I forgot to teil you," said the woman, "that he's in head flrst!"


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