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ONE OFJWO WAYS. The bladder was created for ono purpose, narnely, a receptada for the urine and as such it is not liable to any form ot' except by one of two ways. l'hü flrst way is from imperfect actiou of the kidneys. The seeond way is from careless local treatrnent of other diseases. CitltiV CAl'SIi. Unhealthy uriue from unhcalthy kidneys is the eilief cause of bladder troubes. tío the wounb, like tho bladder, was created for üae purpose, and if not doctored two inucb, is not liable to weakness or disease, exoept in rare cases. It ia situated back of and very close to the bladder, therefore any pain disease or inconvenience manifestad in he kidneys, back, bladder or urinary )assage is often, by mistake, attributed ,o female weakness or woinb ti-ouble of ome sort. The error is casily made and may be as casily avoided. To ünd out correctly, set your urine asido for ,wenty-fouf houro'; a sediment or setliug indiuutes kidney or bladder ,rouble. The mild and the extraordinary eiïectof Dr. Kilmer'sSwamp-H wt, ,he great kidney and bladder remedy is oon realizcd. If you need a medicine ou should havu tho best. At drugfists fifty cents a;id one dollar. You nay have a sample bottle and painpHlet )oth sent free by mail. Mention Tl;: ÏEGISTEK and send your address 1 1 )r. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. he proprietors of this paper guarantee he genuineness of this offer.


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