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RINSEY & SEABOLT HO. 6 and 8 Washington St. Have always on hand a complete Stock of everything in the GROCERY LINE Teas, Coííees and Sugar i All prime articlcs bought fur cash and can sell at low figures. Ouv frequent ' invoicea of Teas is a sure sign we lve barga) ns in Quality and Prices. We roaBt our own coffees every week alwavs frosh artl good. Our bakery turns out the ver, hestof Broad, Calceï and Crackers. Cali and seo us. nëwüaïYarkët 19 N. FOUBTH AVE. We sell f or cash, cheap. All Home Grown Meats. Your custom is solicited. n. P. VOGEL, Proprietor. Kelly's Pruning Shears, r yi&g! Fiower Qatherer and ürape Pieker. fiSfSS AU in one simple tooi, whicb, unlike f i A" ordiuary Shears, jáiPh Circulars Free. Prening Shear Co„ hremont, 0. ) BCSAESS , _y DETROIT, MICH."- ' The best place in America for joung men and omen to secure a Euslness Edacation. Bhorthand, Mechanical lrawing or l'enmanship. Thorough sysmot Actual Bnrinês. SessiunentireTear. Student begin any time. Ca-aloisue tree. ference, all Detroit. W.K. JEWL1.L. l'res. I'. R. SPLNCLR. Sec. Tbe only iobbor in thls territory handlicg stock sheets of Flate lass. Keep in stock ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THE GUSS LINt. Send your orders os1 writs for estimates. WM. REID, 4 W. Lamed St, DETROIT, MICH. WM. W. N1CHOLS, JDental Patio ïs! OVER SAVJMfS BASK OPPO SITE ÜOUliT E0V8E SQUARE. Atterney at La, JIIIid, iTIlchi Money loaned for outside parties.All legal business given prompt attentiou. LOUIS ROHDE, - DEALER IN - COAL, WOOD, LIME, - AXD - Gements, Land Piaster, Drain Tiies, Sewer Pipes - CA.SÍI PAID FOK- 1IDES, I11OJSÍ, BONES. farda Nu. ir Ana Arbur Ilailroad, W Hurón Street. Oillrc. 36 B. fturon-sl TELEQRAPHY. Situations Guarante.ed uüfto&iy! Wanteu youngmen and Ladlesto engage wiih I uit ■ Kleciric 'l'elegFapb Compniiy and K'ani telegraphlng m uur li ics itumedintuly and t;tku posilionsin a few weeks. For terms and taformatlon a3dr68S, J. V. HUUtU, Seiretarj, Kt W. Lake 8t, Chicago. Michigan College of Mines. A State toch n leal school. Pra 'tical work. Special opportanltles for men of utre and experience. Electire Bystem. 0 dlew 45 reeks. Tultton tor resldem -. .; nonresldenl s, $150 For ?ataloaue, :-idress DR. M. E. WADSWOETH, President, Boughton, B&ich. HUMPHRËYS1 No. 1 Cures Fever. No. 2 " Worms. No. 3 " Infants' Diseases. No. 4 " Diarrhea. No. 8 " Neuralgia. No. ' 9 Cures Headache. No. 1O " Dyspepsia. No. 1 1 " Delayed Periods. No. 12 " Leuchorrea. No. 1 4 " Skin Diseases. No. 13 Cures Rheumatism. No. 16 " Malaria. No. 2O " WhoopingCough No. 27 " Kidney Diseases. No. 3O " Urinary Diseases No. 77 " Colds and Grip. Sold by Druggists, or sent prepaid ou teoeipt oL price, 25c, or 5 for SI. Dn. Humphueys' Homeopathic SIanual of Diseases Maii.ed Free. HumphreyB' Med. Co., 111 William St., N. Y. ÖBostCoutfh Synip. Vastos G1Í.' Cao gj


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