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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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WEAK, NERVOUS, DISEASEO lEN 250,000 CÜRED IN 2O YEARS. ÜBCURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY I Siltéfe. $1000 IN GOLD FOÍí A CASE WE (m Krml'lwL vj_yuv Muil CANNÜT cukR Oh P t -JÜT 5== SELF-ABUSE, EHISSIONS, VAR1COIF '""alfÉÉllk CELE, CONCEALEO DRA1NS, STR1CT1 2fflSáJlf!S URK aLEET' SYPHILIS, STUNTED gj NI ffiffitèWlw PARTS, LOST MANHOOD, IMPOTENi Pöl ■■■ 'WÉÉmÊÊ cy neRV0US debility, unnat'] v-'w7waB-'-?' LRaL üCHAR(r:5, r.Tc. NV vl55 Ivl The New Method Treatmeni is the VBrHBK Greatest Discsvery of the Age ANKKrwntoK. FOB CURING THESE DKEASES ■ Thousands of young and mlddlo aged men ore annually swopt tó a inmature ■ gravo throiiKh EARLY INOISCRfcTIONS, EXceSSCí, AND HLOOO WSEASE3. If ra you have any of Iho fullowlng symptoras consult us before lt Is loo late. Are you nerM vous and weak, doapondent and gloomy. Fpocks beforo the eyes wlth daik clrcles under S thom, wpak back, kMncys irritable, palpltatlon of the heart, bashful, drenms and a losscs, 6fdlrnont In urine, pimples on th6 face oyoa sunkon, hollow choekB, careworn HSexprossldn, poor memory, llfelesa, distrustful, lack energy and stri-iiüth tlred mornH inf,-s, roatless nlghts, changoable moods. weak manhooü, stuntcd organs and premaB ture decay, bono palns, halr loóse, sore tbroat etc. YOU HAVE SEMINAL WEAKNESS I g OUR NEW A1ETHOD THEATMENT felone can M curo yon, and mako a man of you. Under lts BBMfclfl'lglM. ' -n im,.,- ■ enco the braln bocomoa active, tho bloo" purlfled m 75 H so that all pimplps, bloLcbea and ulcera disapp-ar; Bfl slBH H the ñervos becorne strong as stoel, so that nervousH ness, baahfulness and despondency dlsappear; H tho eyos become bripht, the face full aud einar, RS3-v'' H onerfy return! to tho body, and the moral, physical HH Rn and sexual systoms are lnvlgoratod; all dralns HkBHw H ceaso - no moro vital wasto from tho systm. The Ka varloua organs booomo natnral and manlv. You íaBiw? iffiTrHBS jpteol yoursulf a man nud know marrlago taiinot bo ' iTTOi' Mnj lwBl Wafalluiv. we Invite all the affllctod to consult us SSEK iivoE H "SHs Bconfldentlally and froo of charge. Don't 1 it qtiacks BalH SmJjm$Vrv!M Hand fakir rob you of your hard earnou dollars. ajy'lWtfiiV.-'EV -nBBM BHAS YOUU BLOOD BEEN DISTASE!)? WEi B SYPHILISisthemostprevalentandmoitserlous BWS&jl HBLOO.) dloraso. It sapa tho vory ltfe Wood of the HKjE&fev -TïiS H vlntim and unloas entirelyeradicateJ trina thesys"w IZ tem win affect tho offsprlng. liewaro ot Morcury. hkbïditaet blood dibeajB. KjItonlyíuppresscBthosymptomB-ourNí W MEIHOD posltlvoly curca i t tor ever. VOl NO O ■ IOl;LE-AQED MAN- You'vo led a gay life, or Indulged in tho folliec Holyonth. Solf-abuso or later oxoossïö have brokon down your systom. You foei the ijsymptomssmalliiovcr you. iluntally, phyalcally and sexually you aro not ttin man Wj you UHCd to bo or should be. Lustf ui pra itlcos reap rlch harveats. Win y..u hood the ■ dangor alHimla. 9 Ah! R I Aro ■"'"'■ Tl-tlm? Havo you lost hope? Aro mnrriago? ■ '■ lias your blood beomdlsuaipd? Havo you any weaknoas? üur Xcw M, thod B Troatinnnt wlll cure you, lt has douo for othors lt will lo tor you. Consultatlon HFrei-, No matter ulio haa tr-.iiod you, write for an honost opinión Frfo ot Charge. B chargi'H rnaeonabla [i,,it,s Hr e -"Tho Golden Monitor" (Hlustratoili. o liisousesof ■ Men. inclose postage; S conls. Sealed. I!"ok on "Dlsoasos ot Woinen." ivoe STNO NAMESUSED WITHOUT WRirrEU CONSENT. P IVATE. No nnütlc re s' nt C 0 D HNo names ; on boxes or envulopoi. Evr,tti ng cor.üüential. Queslion lisl atU d.61 of I Eu msnt. FnEE. No !43SHELBYST,i detroi , mich; f]


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