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Twenty Years A Supervisor

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Court was interrupted Monday afternoon by loud cheers which came from the chambers, where tho board of supervisors wa3 in session. On going to learn the cause of the outburst a Register man saw supervisor Morton F. Case, of Pittsfield, standing over a fine easy chair on which lay a gold headed cane. He was trying to make a speech to thank the board for the chair and cane which they had just presented him but cheers interrupted liim so often and his trembling voice threatened to break so that it at first seemed uncertain whether he would succeed or not. Mr. Case did not want to be interviewed but the Register already knew enough to guess the occasion of the presents. They were given Mr. Case in honor of his twentieth term as supervisor. It is doubtful if any man in Michigan has seen more service in that capacity. Mr. Case wa3 born in 1840. In 1865 he moved to Michigan and settled on his present farm in Pittsfield township where he has lived ever since. In 1876 he was elected supervisor of his township. During each of the nuxt six years he was re-alected and in 1883 the Republicin caucus gave him the nomination tut Mr. Case knew that ais wife was unwell and when physiciivns said sho could not live more than a year he flatly refused to be re-elected as his duties would take him from the side of his dying csmpanion. One year only did his vacation last for the following spring te was again elected and each year since he has been found upon the county board. The election of county school examiner resulted in favor of Martin J. Cavanaugh: Austin, of Saline, and George, of Ypsilanti, being the other candidates. The ballott stood Caianaugh 16, Austin 10, George 2. Marvin Davenport was re-elected janitor of the court house. The board decided tocable the aetion Egainst ex-clerk Dansingburg to from him $100 deposited for the recount of ballots in last year's election. Dr. Wm. Blair was awarded the contract for f urnishing medical assistance to the jail. Wm. Taylor, of Chelsea, was elected superintendent of the poor ia place of Superintendent Kempf. Five ballots were necessary the last standing 15 to 14 in favor of Taylor.


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