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A Rare Opportunity

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Patrons of the Students' Lecture Association will have an opportunity to hear one of the greateat men in the world, on November 15 when Dr. Nansen appears on the course. No man of modern times has accomplished so many things which tho world deelared impossible as has Nansen. Men said "No oiie can cross the oontinent of Groenland," but Nansen proved thein wron. They said, "The limit of northern travel has been reached," but Nansen went farther, and marked an epoeh in artic iexploration which will not end until the pole is reached, Nansen is sti' 1 a young man ; he has by no means ceased work, and it will uot be surprising if he once more does the impossible and reachos the pole. The famous explorer is a man of iron will and iron constitut√≠on. He has not many of the superficial graces of a society man and says that he never makes acquaintances; that if he likes a man he likea Mm well and makes a friend of him, if he does not like him well enouh for this he does not consider him an acquaintance. Perhaps it is because he is the friend of every man on his crews that he ia ableto control them as no oneelse can control men. He is a hard student and in his home at Christiana has an extensivo library in which he reveis. He is as thoroughly acquainted with the poets and other purely literary works as he √ć3 with the writings of men of science. Nansen is said to speak almost per: fect English. On his appearance here i he will teil of his last trip; tho ono on ! which ho carne so near reaching tho ' pole, which proved that his theory of polar currents is correct and which I points out the.way to future succese.


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