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The officials of the British foreign office have communicated to U. S. Ambassador Hay the final decisión that the government of Great liritain rnu:t reí use to take part in any sealing conference with representativos of Russia and Japan. The Uritish government, however, asserts lts willingness to eonfer with the United States alone. Diplomats consider that Gpeat Britain's course was not courteous to Uussia and Japan. Seeretary Sherman has u-ritten a raply to the note of Lord Salisbury expressing Great Britain's declination to take part in the Bering sea seal conference if Russia ancl Japan are to particípate. Mr. Sherman states that the U. S. government views with astonishrnent this determination of Great Britain, and says that up to Sept. 23 the U. S. authorities had fully expected that the conference would proceed with Russia and Japan, as well as Great Bril.ain, present. It is polnted out that aside from the writtencorrespondence to which Lord Salisbury liad called attention, there were verbal negotiations between Ambassador Hay and his lordship, in which specific reference was made to the participation of Russia and Japan. Besides the foregoing reply, and in view of the diffcrences which have arisen, Mr. Sherman suggests a conference between experts of the United States, Great Britain and Canada. In the mean time preparations for the conference between the United States, Russia and Japan are proceeding and it will be well under way before the close of this month. If Great Britain persistently refuses to come to any agreement on the sealing controversy. it is highly probable that the retahatory measures against Canada will be recommended to congress, for, unless Engiand pledges herself to assist the United States in protecting fur seals, there is no other course which will prevent the Canadian fishermen in the Bering sea from continuing their merciless slaughter. It is probable, also that Russia and Japan would join in retaliatory measures.


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