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Howto Cnre Catarrh. Every sufferer irom Catarrh should know that it is impossible to cure the disease with sprays, washes, inhalations, etc, which are universally used. In fact, the experience of growing worse all the -white is proof that the treatmeiit is all wrong. Mauy who have been nnder treatment for years and met wilh disappoiutment instead of benefit are willing to doubt that there is any cure íor Catarrh. The trouble is that all of the treatmeut they have received has been rn;sdirected, and has not tonched their trouble. Catarrh is a stubborn deepseated blood disease, and everybody should know that to sitnply tréat the surface, that is, the local irritation, does not reach the disease. A blood remedy is needed, but it must be a good one; a remedy which goes down to the very bottom of the trouble and forces it out. S.S.S. (Swift's Specific) is the only one which can have the slightest effect upon Catarrh, íor it is the only one which goes to the seat of the disease, aud permanently gets rid of it. This is the only reasonable way to treat Catarrh. Mr. B. P. McAHister, of Harrodsbur, Ky., had Catarrh for years. He writes: "I could see no improvement whatever, though I was constantly treated with sprays and washes, and different inhaling remedies - in fact, I could feel that each winter I was worse than the year previous. "Finally it was brought to my notice that Catarrh was a blood disease, and after thinking over the matter, I saw it was unreasonable to expect to be cured by remedies which only reached the surface. I then decided to try S. S. S., and the results were gratifying, for after a few bottles were used, I noticed a perceptible improvernent. Continuing to take the remedy, the disease was forced. out of my system, and a complete and permanent cure was the result. I advise all who have this dreadful disease to abandon their local treatment, which has never done them any good, and take S.S.S. (Swift's Specific), a remedy which can reach the disease and cure it." To continue the wrong treatment for .Catarrh is to continue to suffer. Swift's Specific never fails to cure even the most aggravated cases. It is a real blood remedy, and cures Catarrh, Rheumatism, Contagious Blood Poison, Eczema, Cáncer, Scrofula, and all other blood diseases. S. S. S. is guaranteed Purely Vegetable Books malled free to any address by Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Ga.


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