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Appetite is ántifely distinct from Iiunger, which may be painful in its extent; it is Nature's intimation that something fa needed to supply the place of that which has been used or taken away. Ever y motion of the body, every thought oí the mlnd, wears away and uses up some partióles of the tissues, and uniese other particlea are supplied in their place the parts would be worn out and lose their strength, and the system would cease to -work. Appetite ís in the nature of instinct, a faithful monitor, which will not cease its admonitions until the want is suppïied, until somothing has been eaten. The best and mo3t healthy appetite is that which inclines us to eat in moderation when the regular time for eating comes. if the appetite is voracioue day after day lt is the appetite of disease, and instead of gratifying it freely we should curb it. The easiest way to corrrect such a voracious appetite as is sometimea oonnected with dyspepsla, Is to take half as much as usual, eat it slowly, and in half an hour you fcel that you aro not hungry at all and had eaten enough. Persistence in this method will in a rea=onable time bresi; up the voraeiouaness unless sorce other cauge than dyapopslft Is at the root of it.


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