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In America It Is the custom - very n&arly the universal custom - ior parents to spenö upon the luxurlee and pleasures of thè fainlly life the whóle incomé, says the North American ïlèvlew. The cfctldren are educated aecordlng to thls standard oí expenditure and are accuatomed to all ita privileges. No thought la taken of tha Mme when üiey must set up houeebolda tor thovaselvos - almost ipvariably uftoa a rerj different scale from the one to whlck thoy have been used. To the Amerlcaa parent thls eeems onjy a natural dowa falL They remarli cheerfullf tbat thef themselvee began in a small war and it will do the young people no harm to acqnlre a similar experience, forgetting that in moet cases e# JKliiuto Har been educated to a mucn higbér standard of ease than that ot thelt own early life. They do not conalder It obltgatory to leave anythlng to thelr ohlldrcn at death. They have ued all they coold xocumúlate during thelr own llfettme- let thelr chjldren do the same. Tli results of the system are cyratallieed In the American uaying, "Tnerê are btrt three generations from Bhirt sleevee to shirt sleeves." Th man who acqtrtrefl wealth spends what he maltes. Hle chlldren, brought up In Tuxury, struggle unsucceasfully agatnst condUton to whlc'i they are unused, and the grandchildren begin In thelr shirt leeves to toil for the wealth dlssipated hy the two precedlng generatlona.


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