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Roads And Markets

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A highly Important feature of tke bighways question, saya the few Yoi"fc Tribune, Is tiie effect good or mld roads have upon the local markets and thelr of supply. In all the cltles and laigii tywBs tf tbe state tbore is 4emond ter farm produ,et8 and for the bulider and heavler producís such ai hay and straw and gtaln. In many cases tb eurpouDdlng country Is quite capable öf supplytng that demantf; ín all cases ft should do so aa far as possible; in most cases il does not. Inétead, supplles are brought hi íy raí) or canal from fat away, perbaps frow othtrr staUs, while at tb same time, withln a few mllee of the market yus wappllad, ar farnu tliot have been abandonad aa not worth wörkfng, acd others wboee owners are In chrmlfc dlscontent d despair at the apjMrffeBt ltnposslbittty of grtting ptyrflta'ble prtcs ter thefr erops. The big farms of the west, they say, mmopollze the markets, and bo farming here no longor paya. Noir, ene prime stsrtt of th troaltl lies ia tb bad roais, wlituh kp the producer and the oonaiuoM-' apart, by maWng it difflcult, f not lmposslble.for the farmers tn get their produce to market The farmer a thousand miles away can gt hls crops to markot by rail or canal more easHy and more eheaply tkao the farmer only Un nflBs away ottn haul hls la otm rod the are bo lvllly and roogji and miry th&t haM & ton te c hearj load tor a korM to draw at a kw footpace. H rs not true that tanas in the east are nö Jonger productiva, nor Öial the eaeter'n market no ltmjrer otteh fair prices. It is that th retdB betwe& the farms and the markets are sa bad s to ipafte ghipmrit unprofltable. Ooe1 roads fhroughet e larmhig ntfm adjacent to the rttlee and towns ■woutö do more than 6-ythlng tee to restore proaperity to tt termere, enabllnf theiU to get tíxáx apods to the beet possible liiftrliet éasnjL prwnptfy and eheaply. Gooi roads urould tQéan good farms, good maxkete, good prices and good times foi af) coueeïned.


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