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An Extraordinary Pearl

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The moet extraordinary pearl of the world is known as the "Southern Cross." It oonsists of a group of nlne pearls naturally grown together in eo regular a manner as to form an almoat perfect Latln cross. Öeven of them compoee the sfaaft, whlch measures ux hici and a halt in length. the two arma of the cross are formed by one pearl on eacb sld. Ail the peurts are of fine histre. Th aatonishing freak wtu dtscovered foy a man named Cüark, wMJe peari-flehtag in Wstarn Australia. He regardefl it as a tnlracle, and entertainIng a superstitjous dread of It, he burted tt. ín 18r4 it was dug up agata, and stnce then ít has changed bend many titees. lts vahie is sa!d to be il0,0t)0. Sow ft chrced that these pearls were grouped iogether in such a mannr no one bss as yet been able to explain satisfactoria. It has been suggested diat a fragment of serratefl sea'weed may have got into tfee shell of the oysteT, and that the succession of teeth along the margin of the front may have caused the deposition of nacïe at regular intervals, so as to form a string of pearls In a straight line. The cross was found in the shell of the mollusc, as it was taken from lts natlve elemeat.


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