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Nansen Lectures

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The appearance of Dr. Na sea on the S. L. A. course will te "the eyent of the year." An audiencs will no ! doubt aaeemble which will justify the ' S. L. A. in spending $20C0 for tbis lect! ure in which the greatest man of the age will teil of nis journey to thï most northern point which-man hasraached. In successfully making the trip to the north pole - or at least to a point nearer it than ever reached before - Dr. Nansen has fulñlled a Ufe arnbition. Since he was 22 yeara of age he has contemplated crossing the north pole, and he then oommenced studying the current movements of the arctic waters. He soon arrived at the theory, which nis experience now seems to prove, that a strong current ilows down the coast of Groenland out of the polar regions, which in turn, is 'ed by an equally strong current from the shores of Siberia, toward the pole. It was with the idea that a strong boat, that could stand the strain of the ico jams, would be carried over the pole by the current Trom Siberia and out again by the southern current, that he constructed the Fram. The thrilling experiences that Dr. Nansen passed through during the rnonths whea he was in the icebound regions of the north may be inaagined, and it Í3 sald that he tells them in most fascinating manner. Dr. Nansen's brave wife, who waited for his return at their home in a suburb of Christiania, Norway, never losing her faith in his ability to successfully mate the trip, is a prominent figure aiHODg her country women. She belongs to One of the most prominent families in Norway, and ia, beside, the favorita concert siuger of the country.


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