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Too Little Rain

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The November erop report ior Aliohigan says: The average condiüon of wheat on November 1 was in the southern counties, 75; central, 88; northern, 103, and State 82, comparison being with vitality and growth of average year3. The eondition in the southeru couoties, yüere eighty-iive per cent of the erop W grown, is thirteen .per cent lower than onö year ago. The average condition in the Btate in previous years lias been : 1896, 90; 1895, 78; 1894, 94; 1893, 89; 1892, 87, and 1891, 91. The severe drouth prevaüing at the date of the October report was not broliea in tbe southera and central sections of the State until Ootober 11. Light rains occurred on tha 5th-8th, but not in suílicient amount to be of benefit. On the llth and 12th storms occurred generally throughout the state, the rainfall being sufïiciont to afford relief. SSince this storm wheat has made fairly good progross. On fields favorably situated it is lcoking well, but a large proportion of the fields are more than (Qrdinarily spotted. This is particularly true of rolling fields where the tops and sides of hills ay e practically bare. There was a second general rain on the 19th-22d, and a lighter one on the 31st. These rains have been of great imme(Jiate advantage, but heavy, soaking rains are yot needed to place tho ground in usually wet condition at the opening of winter. The rains in August, September and October were more abundaut in the northern counties and whoat there is in fine conditiOQ.(Oontlnued on paso four) TOO LITIXE .HST. iContlnaed früiu page onoj The esiiinute indícate that the urea 3eeded to wheat i his {m is six per eeat greater thau sovved in the fall oí 18í)6. The estitnated excess in the southern countios is fonr per cent, in the central six per cent, and tu the Dorthern fifteen per esnt. The total number of bushols of whcat rïsported marketed by farmers since he October report was pubtished is ,902,903, and íq the three months, August, September October. 5,59795. This is 2,193,821 buahe,ls more han reported murketed in the same montlis last. year. The iiver&gü yield of coro per acre in he gtatc is estimated at 61 bushels üf ears, equal to about 30 bushels of sholled eorn. The estimate íor the southern counties is 60, central, 03, and BOrthern, 01 bushels of ears. The average for tho State is throe bushels lovver than made October 1. Tbe área of clover seed harvested is large, at least mucb larg'er than in any late year, and the eötimated average jield higber tlian ever yet reported in the farm statistici The yield in the State is estimated at 1.92 bushe's, in the soulhcru counties at 1.87, central. 2 16, and aorthern, 2 bushels per acre. Potatoes arj estimated to yield in the State 04 per cent of an average erop. The estímate for the southera counties is 60; central, 63; northern, 85, and upper peninsula 96 per cent. Live stock is in ?ood eouditiou. The percentages are 96 for horses and cattle, 97 tor sheep, and 98 for swine, compari8on belng with stock in good, healthy and thtifty condition.


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