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Corbett The Mighty

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Recommends Dr. Groene's Nonmra for StrengíhLPowerjnd Vigor, It Invigorates the Blood, Makes Strong Nerves and Powerful Muscles. ït Revitalizes the System, Giving Health, Strength, Energy and Power. James 3. Corbctt in v.ithout doubt the; etrctigcot zid most powcriul tthleta in tbc v;:id. Hia ■ronderfúl records, magnificont phvsiqno and splendid physical condition reiidex hi:n tlic proper persoa to point o:;t to othsrs tbo best way in which to obtain tlmt Biisiity 6treii5th of muscle, vigor of nervcs a::d perfect physical condition which Í3 the desiro oí cvery man and woman, for perfect health is what all want, a::d procd hcalth ahvays comes only fi'oia physical rigor and vitality. What you mnst háve, t'.icr.'oro, to ei1:i yon Btronx, to rívo you V.ia, vim, enersy ancl c.;: bition, to make you do work with caso. to cat a;id s'.cop well and waba momings frasí: ar. 1 viboreas, is tj seo flwt of all if you aro in Soltad Uealth. 1L yon fecl languid, wcak cr ncívous, iL yonr work tires you and you wakc morai:ig3 unrcfreslied, without appelita oí cnergy, you ara íar frora beins well. Iu fact youa're on a dangerous road to sickness and brjakin? down. If yon have headache, neurali:a, rhsumatism, '6tiffnes9 and lameness, back or side ache, dyspepsia, liver or kidney trouble, or any other disorder, however eüght, you shoiild immediately seo to Rettin?; back your health, and with it the fullest measnve of etrentrth and power of whicU your systeia is capable. The way to do it is by nsin? Dr. Greene's Nervina, blood and ñervo romedy. It le reeommenilod by Jamos J. Corbett, the worldl'ained aihletc, irbo btatcs lliat he ha8 long Unownof this wonderful remody. It is preseribcd and recommended as t!o greatwt 3trengthener auü Iicallh giver ly tlie most emincni of tho world'fl physicians, and it ha: ciired a greater number of pcoplo tlian any otlier medicina known to science. It ir.akcs the sick ell. It makes tlio v.cak stror.s. Il sives tho inllcst power, vigor and strengih to everyhody, tocanso it pnts cverybodyin sound aml perfect physical coniMtioOt James J. Corbctt Buys "I haTB long been acqnaintcd vrith the fame of Dr. Groene's Kcrvura and the beneiicial resulta of i'.s nso i:i cases cf msmy of my friends, r.nd I havo no hesitation ia rcconimeadinff it; uj tu üthers. Jaiieb J. Coheett." Get Dr. Greer.e's Kcrvura blood and nerve Iremedy at once, and get back not only yom health' but that hish desree of ctrength, power and visor of which you are capadle. Dr. Greene'a Ivervura wiü do it. Itwillfirstmoke you veil, then mal;e you strong with the miRhty power of perfect derciopment of nerve and i'hysical vigor. I Cons'nltation and advice ahsomtely free of charge at the ofüc2 oí Dr. Greene's Eemedica', ' 1 18 State St., CLicago, 111., ty calling persouaily or by letter. fitOrtfiioro.(or-RGffrDi5si3. : ■'■■.:■.' ■'& ::y&í&Z" " ' SrS7fíiÓO1.CmCfiGO. '■■'■■'■' "' ■.■;-.■..■


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