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Por PLANS A NT) SPE CUÍCA 1 1 ONS Cali on HERMAN PI PP ARCHITECT. 22 SPRING JSTRBET NEW HEAT MARKET 19 N. FÜURTH AVE. We sell for cash, cheap. All Home Grown Meats. Your custom is solicited. n. P. VOGEL, Proprietor. Wliat Do tbc Ctolldren Drluk? Do not give them tea or coffee. Have yon tried the new food drink called GRA.IN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the place of coffec. The more Grain-O you give the chüdren the more health you distribute through their systems. Grain-O is miule of pure gi'ains, and when properly iMepared tastes like the choie grades of coffee but oosts about i as mueh. All grocers sell it. 15c and 25c. 96 Try raln-O! Try (iraiu-O! Ask your procer today to show yon a packare of GRAIN-O, the new food drink th at takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it witnont injury a? wcll as the ad uit. All who try it, 'like it. GKAIN-O haa that rich, geal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distrpps. i the . pnce of coffee. 15c and 25o per paokage. Sold by all grocers. 95 ÉSP'SW PARKER'S HA1R BALSAM Ysnfci SMt Ji ClcMist'i and brautiiics the hair. VfásmEE&MmVromotiia a laxuriaut growth. l83SSfw&?= wBH liever Fails to Kestore Gray KtltvrJl ■&mm Hair to itn Youthful Color. HSFcJtfccní ,-MRm Orirtig scalp dispapes & hair falliiig. iy? f2 SO,anáZl.msX Druggists mm 9 cbicheatrr'a KnKUnh JUwnond Brand. Pënnyroyal pills K _-7v Orlfflnuland Ooly Genuine. A járfiSK alwaye reliable. laoies aak K A?ï Y3öA '""'st for Chichcster EnglUh Pia-fifK áp%tJi9PBwiojt(i íraiií iu Ked and Cüiti metfülic7 -![{ 52 tioiioa. caled with blue ribbon. Tako & ; N í# 5M)no other. A'Hdangffrouu&sítíu V I ijríto7;aauítmííaíw. AtDrugiíisii.orBetiaíe. I 4 mi Itl 8tmpi for particulara, tmtimonials atul ' V V JS ' liellcf for J.ítdlv-K," in letter, bv return i -X fír MoiL l.OOOTi-fitimoniala. Naint Paper. r hlciicNtGrC1huiilculVu..UHdliiun I]ace. J Solo ti au Local iruegiirta. PIULADA., PA.


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