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ANN STREET Employment Bureau. Do You Want Work? WocanySÍ." for Do You Want Help? Wc ca?0USupply Lcare Your Order at 12 1 li. Aiin-st. Special attantmi Riven to furnlsliiní? ü rst .Class wulters for banquets, dinners Weddings, etc. .IVIC .til'. A TUIAL.i BLACKHAWK BEST SOAP MADE FOR Mechanics, Machinists, Painters, Printers, Tinners, Toilers. It Acts Like a Flest Brnsh, TRY IT ONCE. It is a "Qood Soap." Ask ycur Grocer for it. The Coast Line to MACK1NAC - TAKS THE - TOMACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO New Steel Passenger Steamers The Createst Perfcction vet attalned : Bont Construction- Luxurious Kquipmei?., Artistic Purniïhlne, Uecnrvtion i nd til lent Service, instiriiig the highest degroe rf COMFORT, SPEED AND SAFET Foufl Trips per Week Between Toledo, Detroit and Mackli PETOSKEY, "THE JOO," MARQUETTE AND DULUTH. LOW RATEStoPicturcsqui: Macklnat' Return, including leáis am! íírtÜ8. F:rr Cleveland, $18; fraui ToleJJt ii.t; :- H Detroit, $i.i so. DAY AND NI3HT SURVIOe. Between Detroit and CIcvelan Connectinfr at Cle-.'eland wit'.i BaTlW' Trains for all points Kast. South and bvuU west and at Detroit lor all points North Northwest. Sunday Trips June, July, Aujust and Sopt. OiW; 5.VERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in'BayTck Send for lllusuated Pamphlet. Adtir s A. A. SCHANT2, q. p. a., oethoit. wie-' AHERICAN BEAUTY. usmsm jáSr"Úk W o m e n of fe. America have a QmËB&'S, type ' oL beauty Jfij iSfi Sí 1' (! culiar to f themselvos. The T climatc, habits, ji-(#?iiS-T_a! aa social pecu'm' ï?$t liarities' have ral J'ffV com b i n e d to 35jKfW ƒ ü Pduce a type VSv '-i ■ ' of vvomanhood quite distinct f rom the women of other countries. It has become almost an everyday occurrence for the nobility and royal blood of Europe to cross tbe water in search of an American beauty, for tho United Siales has bocoaie famous throughout tho world. ïhe American beauty is a peculiar product of this country. She has, however, one formidable enemy, not only to hor beauty, but to hor health as well. That enemy is indigenous to the olimate ano íoil of the United States. It is callecl Catarrh. Almost every woman has it in mild or severe fovms. üur climate makes it well nigh unavoidable. It is the only natural enemy the American woman has. Not only is the United States the home cf catarrh, but it is al30 tho home of the now world -f ara ous ■atarrh remedy, Pe-ru-na. The mediaal profession has at last suceeded in dovising a remedy for the wellnigh universal disease. Dr. Hartman, the original compound3r of Pe-ru-na, has a recent book on ohronic catarrh which he will send f ree to any address for a_short time. Ad: dresa The Pe-ru-na M'f'g Co., Columbus, Ohio. 2Ask your druggist for a Cree Pe-ru-na lmanac for 1898. J. LAMPOS, - DEALER IN- Fine Gr eek Confeetions All kinds of Chocolate Crearn.' and Bon Bons, from 20 to 25 ets. per pound. PRESH MADE EVERY DAY VU kinds of Taffies and Mixed Cundie from 10 to 15 ets. per pound. 115 North Maln-st., Ann Arbor CASTOR IA For Infants and _J __, . similo jSTf ,fTs, „ 's w signatura S -f --#- enlT


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