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Madrid: At a meeting of the Spanish abinet it was decided to demand an xplanation from Gen. Weyler of the emarks he made in his ■farewell adress on leaving Havana, and if he confirms the press reports he will be eourtmartialed. The worda atfribnted to Gen. Weyler are, in part, as follows: 'My release from my post and responibilities did not surpise me. I had expected it f rom the death of Señor Cánovas, not believing that any political eader would be enough to susain me when the United States and he rebels were together constantly emanding that Spain should come to a settlement." Havana: The steamer Monserrat, on which Gen. Weyler sailed for Spain, eached Gibara on the nor th west coast of Cuba with her engines disabled, and may be compelled to return to Havana, n which case it is lilcely that there will be interesting developments. England and France Havlng Tronble, The situation between Great Britaia and France, as viewed in England, is decidedly serious, and a conflict between the troops of the two countries in West África is daily expected. Lord Salisbury has taken a decided stand, ordering the Britisli troops to hold the territory belongiag to the United Kingdom at all hazards, and has addressed a decidedly tart note to the French government on the subject. The English press is wrathy at the abandonment of the Nile expedition, and denounce tlie ministry for not recapturing the Soudan and vindicating Gordon. An explanation of the hesitation of the ffovernraent in carrying forwardits Egyptian campaign isgiven in the statement that it has neituer money nor men for the undertaking. The Dons are Real Sassy to L'ucle Sam. Madrid: The Spanish cabinet has decided to reply to the United States minister's acknowledgment of receipt of the Spanish note in reply to the representations of tlie United States on the subject of Cuba, declaring in guarded terms that, in reference to graïiting autonomy to Cuba, Spain will do what she deerns fit. It is also understood that the Spanish goveroinent tS dstermined in the case of the AmêricSSn schooner Competitor, captured ia Cuban waters in April, 1896, to maintain that the Spanish officers acted eorrectly in the capture of the Competitor and that the protocol of 1877, under the terms of which the United States demanded the release of the Competitor crew, solely referröd to American eitizens residing in Cuba. Canadlans to Talk Seals With üncle Sam. Sir Wilfred Laurier, premier of Canada, and Sir Louis Da vies, Canadian minister of marine and fisheries, will go to Washington at once to take part in the Bering Sea negotiations. They will be prepared to disouss the question from a rauch broader standpoint than any thus lar conceded in London. The state department at Washington is much pleased over the proposed visit, as it is feit to offer the first prospect of considering the sealing question on broader lines than heretofore. Ottawa: Sir Louis Davies, said that it is quite possible that Sir Wilfred Laurier and himself may discuss the question of reciprocity when they are at Washington. The alien labor law may also come up for consideration. An Aerial Battleship for Cuba. Lieut. Kungel, an ex-ofíioer of the Germán array who lives 'n Hoboken, N. Y., thinks. he has invented a suecessful air battleship. The affair is ;i combinatioa of balloon, flying machine, stealh locomotive and bomb thrower. It has the power to raise itself from the ground, and is so constructed that after up it can be lowered again by the action of the engines without allowing the gas to escape. Every part of the ship is coraposed of aluminum. Should the ship drop into the sea it would float The inventor believes that the ship which he has constructed would free Cuba in the space of a week. He woukl use it to drop bombs in the niidst of Spaniah strongholds and on Spauish warships. Attemjt to Kill the President of Hru.l Rio Janeiro: A soldier of the Tenth battalion, whieh constitutes part of tho local garrison, attempted to shoot President Moraes with a pistol. The president was just landing at the nr.irine arsenal after visiting the steamsr ou whieh Gen. Barbosa, minister of marine, had returncd from üuliia. Bystanders frustrated the attempt, but in disarming the soldier Gen. lietancourt, minister of war, was fatall.y stabbed, while Col. Moraes, the president's nephew, was slightly woundi-d. Miss Francés E. Wülard was again re-elected president of the National W. C. T. U. at the Buffalo conven tion. The yellow fever situation in New Orleans has not improved after the cold wave as was expected and the board of health is much disappointcd. The daüy average of new cases is 4ü and of deaths, sevcn. Senator Edward O. Wolcott, of orado, and Gen. Chas. .T. Paine, t the raonetary eoinmissioners aypoh by 1'reMdent McKinley to conSer witli j European governments concerning tlïr i feasibility of international bimetaUism have returned, but decline to discuss the failure of their mis.sion. Ex-VicePresident Stevenson, the other commissioner. will return later.


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