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Three Men And Horses Blown To Atoms

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At Pine Fork, Wetzel county, W. Va, William Conn, of Cuba, N. Y.. drove to the nitrog-lycerine magazine witli a two-horse wagon to get 13 gallons of nitroglyeerin to shoot soiac oil wells over whieh ha had supervisiun. Wliile he was inside another two-horse wagon with two men in it, who have not been identified, drove xip. Before these strangers alighted, Ihc magazine blew up with a report heard :o miles away. The only thing found that ever was human was a piece of a man's foot. All else, three human beings, four horsesand two wagons, were as if they had nevor existed. Where the magazine stood was a deep cavern. Windows were broken in every d '.velling vvithin a radius of half a mile. The twenty-ninth annual of the Army of the'Tennessee was held in Mihvankee with 200 members attoĆ¼i!ing-, Lnclftding some of the most faun us Union officers living. The steamer Victoria fitted out bv the governor of Tromsoe, under tlie orders of King Oscar of Svveden, has left Tromsoe island in search of Prof. Andree, the missing aeronaut. She carries a crew of 15 men and is provisioned for eight nxonths. Northern Illinois coal companies liave contracted for 800 skilled Chinese niiners to taUe the place of strikingminers. They will live inside of a 6tockade equipped with Gatlinc guns and will have a guard of ex-policeinen of Chicago. If the 6rst experiment prores successlul several thousand celestials will be emploved.


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