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ing to do with the return of prosperity, but neverthelcas it is strange that they should both come along at about the same tirne. MONTHIA déficits will soon be a thing of the past. The Dingley law is g-ettinff into uortnal working order and is increasing its rovenue week by week in a most satiefactory manuur to the friencls of the measure. "The revival of all industries and the comraencetneul of prosperity in all parts of the United States were the natural and necessary resulta of the aetion of the President and a Republican congress.'1- John Sherman. Whex a citizea of Mexico wants to take a trip costing $100 he must needs got to'gether Í250 in Mexican money, every dollar of which he worKs as hard ior as an American citizen works for a gold dollar, and this is free-silver prosperity. The peoplo of the United States will be a long while accepting this kind of prosperity. A glance at the mire iu front of the business places on Statest, last Sunday shouid have made an iiapres sion strong enough to move old Ben PrankliD, on tl,e campus, to lift up his voice in favor of Street paving. We do not remember ever having seen a Country roacl ia Washtenaw eounty so nearly impassible. IN spite of uil sorts of persuasión and even threats on the part oi the demócrata, Governor Boifie states that he will no support the free-and-unlimited-coinage-of silver plank of the Chicago platform. He has given out for publication a letter stating that while he wants to see silver in use as a currency, he is convinced that any proposition for the free and unlimited coinage of the metal at a ratio so widely at variance with the market value would be suicidal. Mb. Bryan claims that the takingout of gold from the Klondyke is a powerful factor in bringing the present return of prosperity to the country. A little while ago Mr. Bryan could not see auy prosparity. Now he sees some signs of it, but attilbutes it to the 'foreign scarcity" and to the gold brought in from the Klondyke. Up to the present time many more dollars have been expended in fitting out parties to go to the Klondyke than have .yet been taken from those mines. The opportunity to hear Dr. Nansen on the S. L. A. course is one that no student.can afford to let pass. It is noexaggeration to cali Nanaen Uip. greatest hero of the 19th century. No man has risked more than he and no man has accomplished more things which men declared impossible. He is still a young man and is bound to make many more equally wonderful discoveries. To hear him now will help a student U keep in touch with his future work and with the scientific problems whioh he has labdred and is still laboriug to solve. In the recent report of the Secretary of Agriculfcure to the President, he has recominended that every forelgn embassy be provióed with an agriculturút having deflnite knowledge of tho work. ings of the Agricuftural Department, so that when specifio information U desired in the interests of the farmers in relation to the agriculturl products or fruit productions of foreign countries it can be readily obtained. l ho present system of foreign representation it is very diffieult tö obtain the class of information desired by the department in carrying on its invesligations. B'oreign countrie3 are represented in the United States by ablc and practical agriculturists, who waUh and report upon every eïperioient and move made by our agriculturas and horticulturists. The postoftice con test in this city took on ;i new anl funny phase last week. We i-eler to the ciïorta of sin over-zealous and misg'uided friend of One of tbe candidatos for postcnaster, ' who bought some of the cheap "pennya-line" editorial space in the Democrat and utilized the same in an effort to belittle Abe political Influence of The ReGISTKE. il was, indeed, a brilliant politieal move! The postoffice candidate who has such fooi f rieads vvould be making a mistake by not pfómptly calllng off such ill-adviscd support were It not that the paper selouted was tbo Demmrat. Such a medium readers entirely harmless even an otTort Mke the above which showed so much keen politieal foresight and hindsiglit. The only result of such a brilli&bt stroko is the waste of -9 cents paid for tbe 29 lines used. Another session of tbc Board of Supervisors ha3 come and gone without any action houg taken lor the construction of a vault in whicta to protect the hundreds of valunblè volumes in the Register of Deeds' ultice. Thu few thousands of dollar insurance carried upon the building and coi.t nts, would bo bat a drop in the ute. as compared with the loss to the lund owners of this county, Bhould a üre ües roy these recordé. lo is possibic lor this to happen at any time. Only two or three days alter the adjournmcnt ol the last session of the Board of Surervisors the building caught üre. By chance it was discovertd ana extinguished before any scrious dainage ivasdone. It was quite possible ttaat this üre, which was up ia the loft uadei the roof, might baVe smóuldered alon, until away into the night and thfon there is no telling wliat the damagt, miffht have been. Is it good policy foi he county to take such chances? There is ancther stronar reason wiiy the valuable volumes in this office sliould be more carefully protected Now, there is nothing to pt-övent a per son so disposed f rom placing a stop ladder to one of the windows Ld th Register of Deeds' office and with the help of a crow-bar, raising the wiudow and entering the office. By waiting until the electric lights are out, hú could do tnis with practically nocbance of being discovered. The balan.:e of the night could be taken in carrying off and secretiag a large numb.r of libers. All he would then nced to do would be to wait until the courity saw (it to offer a sufficiently large sum for return of the books, and no questions askcd. It would come in time urul the revvard would be large enougli to net the thief a snug iortune. Again we wish to ask, Can the Board of Supervisoi-3 afford to run such risks?


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