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Ladies Of The Maccabees

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Arbor Hive L. O. T. M. calebrated its sixth auniversary Taesday evening, ia Maooabete HallAt an early hour the grcat banquct room was crowded with a liut oí Maccabees and tllelr friends. Protcptly at eight o'clock all sat down to a bounteoas supper whlch had been arranged for under the personal supervisión o( Mra. '. 'ñas Sweet, The supppr reflect. ed great credit on those who had charge of it, as was attQsted by the marmer in whicli the several coursoa woro devoured. After the inner man had been fully satlsfied, Liss Einma Bower, ' tresa fortheeTeolng, ra))ped tho assembly to oriier and introduced Mayor 1 1 i-cook, wiio responded to the toast, "The benefit o( fraternal socleties to' cilios." Ilis ie:nai'ks were ;pt and wéll put. O'Jier.-i who responded to to;L-ts were, Rjv. Fr. Kullej; Judye II. Wirt Nowkii-k; Mrs. Rachel A. Bailey, ' of üa.-iiüü, Mich.; Mrg. Mary Bull ; ' Un. h E. Mills, aud Mrs. M. E. VVhi-ï Oí'. Muslo was furnUhed by tüe Mandolín club, and Missr. AUie Long, Walter Crftjjo, and Krank Mi-Iii'jt '. 'I') o , mu3ic wa.s wtfil rt-ndered and wns much ajipi-eeiatei1. vil weia heurtily enoored.


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