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James Cadwell,' oí Grass Lake, caught two dogs chasing his sheep last week. He shot one of them. This wouid be. a good exatnple for other.people to lollow Mrs. Sberd Willis' horae ran away on Friday of.litst week, a eouple of miles north of town, and threw heraut and also Mrs. John Rohrer wtio was riding with her. Mr?. Willis' head sustalned a contusión anti the top of the bugy was wrecked.- Grass Lake News. A. R. Welsh, of Chelsea, who in company with Thos. Birkett is to put in the olcotrio light plant here, was in lown last Thursday, conferring with the business men of the village ioncerning the future of the plant. He assures us that the machinery used in the Dexter plant wlll be of the best and latest improved pattcrn and that the plant will not be surpassed in excellence by any in the state. - De x tor Leader. C. L. Hall, of Ypsilanti, who is engaged in promoting the ereamery industry throughout the country, is in Dexter for tbe purpose of interesting the farmers of this vicinity in the project of a co-operative ereamery. His idea is to interest, if pOBsible, the farmers hereabout, to take stock io a co-operative plant. He will spond a week or inore in talkingitupamong them and anyone desiring any Information in the matter will find him pleased to give it. -Dexter Leader. Dexter is still suffering from tho visits of sueak thievcs who steal provisions for the winter. . Fred Stoll, ol'JBabbitt street, Ypsil. anti, was caught in some falliug timbers from a hen house whicn ho was assieting to build, and had his skull fractured. He may recover. The fourteenth annual oommencement of the Cleary Business College occurred yesterday at 9.30 a. m. was the Alumni meeting at the college; at 2 p. m. the Commencement exercises with addres3 by Dr. C. H. Thuroer of Chicago University, and in tbe evening a public reception in the college parlors. Prof. and Mrs. Cleary enterbained the graduating class and alumni it their home Tuesday. Last week Wednesday on the farm of Oscar Stiinpsoi), F.arneot Egets husked 123-J bushels of corn, nol bioding or setting up the stalks. Herbert Cornisa husked 105 bushels in the same time and bouud and set up hia stalks. This is not a fish story, neither s it a corn story, but a reallty.- Saline Observer. The Hallöwo'en pranks oí the Bi'ighon youngsters prored too much for the av.erag-e citizen, and oomplaints wcre sntered against thetn. The mili pond was used as a receptical for innumerable buggies, wagons and nioveable furniture and the Sunday morning appearance was quite unpleasant to the owners of the plunder. The fun is not ended yet. - Livinpöton Kepublican. A gang of Lake Sbore bridge buildars has been here the past vveek repairing bridges on the Jackson branch and iooking after the Columbia Lake bridge on the Ypsilanti brancb. Last Friday officials of the road made an inspection 3f the bridge to devise some means ol supplying au outlet to the lake, as the natural outlet was clioked in the proje6s of fillin? up ihe sinkhole. An at tempt was made to plaeb a largo íron jouduit under the road-bed, but the carth was found to ba teacherouily ioft and unaaie for the eu to work.-


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