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Probate Notices

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Thursday, Nov. 11- First day of claims in estáte of Phebe Walker. Salo of real estáte in estáte of Chas. Woodruff. Final account in estáte of W. R. Davis. Adjournod day tinal account in estafe of F. S. Davis. Friday, Nov. 12- Final account in estáte of John D. Gierbach. Pdtition for license to sell real esta: e in estáte oE Philip Grunér. Final account in oatate of Harrietta G. Ashby. Saturday, Nov. 13 First day of olaira3 in ostato of M. Lang. Final srecouDt in estáte of Allen X. Crittenden. Jrerition to determino wlio ;ire the egal heirs in the estáte of Andrew liller. 'vlonilay, Nov. 15 - Lnst day of claims in estáte of KI. )SÍU8. I .!t day of claims in estáte of F. J. Swain. Salo of real estáte íq estáte of S. )ecke"i Adjcmrnecl day of tinal account in esate of Blizabcth Peyton. Taesday, Nov. 1G- v PetLtion for license to sell roaï estáte n estáte of W. P. Uatnpbell. Petition for extensión of time to Betlo estáte of W. P. Campbell. Adjourned day of final account in osate of Francés Reedmon. Wodnesday, Nov. 1"7 - First day of claims in estáte of T. Valentine.


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