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Goorge Vanderbiit, Theodore Havemeycr and a number of other very rich men have quite recently taken it into thelr heads to go into the business of raismg peaeocks for profit, aays an exchango. ïhis is a comparatlvely new induatry on American soil. Althoigh I)eacocVs are not unknown here they are ont nearly ko oi'ten seen as in Eligía; ;;..-: on üie continent of Europe. Perhapa "ie most reniarkable peacock shov '■' ;!aj : i n anywhere in the world j is al castle. place is ! farao em and the handsomest ; of tl? bilí hite, a rare color for il does not require great skiii pea fowls. They must, hovera; be fed regularly and plentifuil.. ,:'■■" In Vinter thy must have a warm ■■! sheltered home. ïhe hen! bird siís'i'd be allowed to chose her j Qv.n dssi il a strong, healthy brood is deai: ie táctica of the pea fowl' in this regard shuuld be exactly opposite of the successful poultrj fataè. It s understood that the breedir.;: oi the birds Ie very profitable in Englaad, and it is not to be supi ;.,; the miJ.ionairea wh-jse naines are iuere mcntionod would go int the business of raising peacocks unl(s the;s was BCiáe possibility that tliere wouid be money in it in 1 üa. A quadruple ínurderis reported f rom Rawdon, Quebec. The victims are the three daughters and one son of Mr. ' Nulty, a farmer who, upon his return froin a visit, found the childrcn r.uirdered. Tho priï-ls were ÍS, 16 am, 14, and the boy 10 yeara oíd. Thos. Nulty, an oliler brother oí the murdered i hüdren, was arrested chavged with the murders, and iie confessod the awful deed. lic said his two oldest sisters ' provoked hiña to uncontvollable arier.


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