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A sensational statement has boen dlsseminated by several Continental newspapers to the effect that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir presumptive to the Austrian throne, and who represented the Austrian Court at the queen's jubilee, had been secretly married to one Fraulein Hussman, daughter of au engineer at Kohlscheid. A brother of the lady is a Roman Catliolic priest at Ruhrort, and another is a retured cloth merchant at Essen. There was some tendency to suspend judgment before rejecting these repoiU, which originated at Aix-la-Chapelle, because of the well known romantic propensities of the members of the house of Hapsburg. One of these archdukes married a village postmaster's daughter, another wedded an actress and yet another casting his royal rank to the winds and taking a plebian station, wedded an Austrian soubrette, and sailed away into oblivion. A very emphatic semi-official denial was promptly issued at Vienna, describing the alleged marriage as "a ridiculous invention." Thereupon the Vienna papers began to busy themselves wilh inquines concerning the archduke's movements. Last week, it is stated, his imperial highness passed days in Styria, and he is now in Hungary, whither he went, according to report, to take part in the reception of the Germán emperor. As regarding the state oí health of his imperial highness, he i.? s-aid to have struck everyone in Hungary with his robust appearance. However, the following extraordinary explanation of the rumora was published in Berlin by the Kreuz Z;itung, a highly responsible conservative paper, which describes that iho whole storj originated in a barefaced fraud by a designing scoundrel wtio passed himself off as the Austrian heir presumptive. The supposed archduke addressed himself to the young lady as Dr. Arend, medical assistant, and when established in the family's good graces revealed his pretended imperial status. He persuaded the young lady to go to London to be raarried. On September Sth she celebrated her birthday in the midst of a large fainily circle at the house of her brother, a Catholic prièst, the future bridsroom also being present. On September lOth the couple disappeared, the young lady leaving a letter, in which she stated she vas going into "the wids ■A-nrld." It is feared, adü;? the Kreuz Zeitung, that the soi-disant doctor is an agent for procuring girls, since it appears that he made attempts to take away the young sister of hiu fiaiia io, kut without success. The missing girl was the possessor of a little fortune of about forty thousand rnarics in cash, which she had probably taken with her.


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