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One of the reports of the educational iepartment in England has a special table devoted to the subject of the admission of women to university Iffe. Inquiries have been instituted as to the irrangements made for women students at 162 of the universities of the civilized nations in both hemispheres, and 139 replies were received. The (juestions asked were: Are women admitted as members of the universities? Are they admitted on the same terms as men? Are they admitted to lectures? Are they admitted to exarninitions? Are they eligible for university degrees? It is significant of the idvanced liberalism of Scotland and Walee tha.t their five universities have ao answer but "Yes" to make, save as .egards certaih medical courses in the aorth country. Australia, India and Canada also answer "Yes," and Toronco proudly says, "No advantage is granted to men which is not open to ivomen." New Zealand gives practially the same reply. France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerliand, Greece, Italy.and of course ;he Uniled States have almost unbrokjn columns of "Ves." The srcat sin.ïers of iiuropí are Ormany, Austria and Raéïia.


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