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teta Little Pain. The first touch of Rheumatism is a fair warning cf inuch torture to follcvw. The little pains which dart througli the body are Hot so severe at first, possibiy a mere paug, and cause litile ïnconveniefnce.'btit if the warniug is unheeded, they will tnultiply rapidly and increase ia se veri ty until they become almost unbearable. Rheumatism. as a tule is much severer in winter, though jnany are so afllicted with it that they are crippled all the year round. Those who ielt its first touch last year, may be sure that v.ith the first season of cold or disagreeable weather, the mild pain of last year will return as a severe one, and become more and more intense uutil the disease has them coniplctely in its grasp. Being a disease of the blood of the most obstinate type, Rheumatism can be cured only by a recil blood remedy. No iinimeuts or ointments can possibiy reach the disease. Swift's Specific (S. S. S.) is the only cure for Rheumatism, becauseitistheonly blootl remedy that goes down to the very bottom of all obstinate blood troubles, and cures cásea which other remedies cannot reach. Capt. O. E. Hughes, the popular railroad man of Columbia, S. C, says: "At first I paid very little attention to the little pains, but they became so tnuch sharper and more frequent that before long I was almost disabled. The disease attacked tny muscles, which would swell to many times their natural size, and give me the most intense pain. "I was ready to doubt that Rhemnatism could be cured, when I was advised to try S. S. S. This remedy seemed to get right at the cause of the disease, and soon cured me completely. I beüeve that S. S. S. is the only cure for Rheumatisni, for I have had no return of the disease for eight years." The mercurial and potash remedies, which the doctors always prescribe fot Rheumatism, only aggravate the trouble, and cause a stiffness in the joints and aching of the bones which add so much to the distress of the disease, besides seriously affecting the digestiva organs. S.S.9. (Swift's Specific) is the only cure fot Rheumatism because it is absolutely free from potash, mercury or other minerals. It is the only blood remedy guaranteed Purely Vegetable and naver fails to cure Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison, Cáncer, Eczema, or any other blood disease, no matter how obstinate. Books mailed free. Address the Swift Specific Coxnp&ny, Atlanta, Georgia.


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