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Very Fine Combination

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In engaging Hou. Wallace Bruce for the second lecture on .the S. L. A. course, the officers of that association secured a lecturer. Mr. Bruce doe9n't pretend to special greatness in any other fleld: his greatness does not depend upon anything but his ability to hold an audience. That his success on the platform is not dependent upon a reputation made in some other ñeld, was plainly seen Friday night for it has been long since a lecturer held his audience better or secured more demon8tration of pleasure from it than did Mr. Bruce. Hls subject was the philosophy of "Wit and Humor." The speaker cho8e the happy method of treating the topic philosophically and illustrating his psychological classiflcation by the most sparkling wit. Time after time he was interrupted by roars of laughter and rounds of applause. Mr. Bruce is a gradúate of yale and a thorough acholar ; as a result he Unew just how to strike a college audience. He knew his hearers too weü to believe they could stand a too philosophical discourse, after a week of hard work and too weil to give them the stale jokes of the circus clown. His lecture pleased all, gave them a chance to laugh and sent them home rested. At the same time it was as ggad as a lecturo on pgyehology fop the hearers went away with a clear oonception of the qualities of mind appealed to by the different varieties of fun.


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