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The Daisy Garment Cleaner. Removes Orease from any fjarment. Also removes fruit and all nther stains Trom most delicate fabrlc. Absolutely üninjurious. Every famlly needs this Wonderfnlly Successful Soap. Almost Every Family Wlll Buy lt. Big Money ior Agents. Jast tlip tliins for some enterprlsing young mun to make mouoy at. Write for terms to T. S. RAYMOND CHEMICAL CO., PAW PAW, ILLS. Koud 10c Tor k imple. Do you want any kind of printing done t Tlicn go to tlio Begigter Ofllce, E. Huron Mt. EL,T'S CEEAM BALM is apqeltivecnre. Apply into the nostrils. It 8 qwckly absorbed. 60 cents at DrnsreiBtn or by mail ; samples 10c. by mail ELY BROTHEJÖ, 66 Warren St, New York City. ifo sou want any bind or prlntin done ï TUen go to tbe Hcgister Oilica A TOASTER That Toasts. Does not dry or burn the=bread BAKES CAKES Used under coramon round cake griddle, will heat lt evenly aud uiue lan smudse.and smoice. YOU WILL LIKE IT. For Sas, Gasoline, or Bíüs Fíame Oi! Cook 50 CBB 1 R. jt will picase you. Made by KINNE M'FO. CO., VINNJSAP0LI8, - - UINS Aak Vour Dealer For It. ÍAPENTQ HERE'S A AUhH I 0} MONEY WAKER. Our Automatic Carpet Stretcher & Tacker elU naait. All you need do is to fhow it. Works on ent i rol y new principie. Operator , stands umi U drswn wllh earpët. Cun folil & carpet and tack two thicknesses. Don't V. smash iiiitiers or wenr out knees. fÍTS ]. t times as fast as the old way. s Special priceH on ampie to agento, mï ■■ ExpRBsa Prkpaid. Start in now as Ukk, eason i olose at hand . We handle ZJfe? other SPEriALTIES. Write at SSS once for cartoon circular und "'■" terma to agentR. AÚár. Qoddartt & Allen Co. ;j SUié SU BEL01T, WIS Steney loanefl for mitaftie barfiès.iJr übffai busi&éS feilen prompt attnt3. AM ENTIRELY NEW DEPARTURlT IN FENCE WJEAVING THE BUCKEYE rr j -jt - L. - í - í - r Pcrtablo ireavlng machino wlll weave 3 rods of fencc whlle oae ts beinff woven by any oiher machine. Send for circulara. HOLMES & ÏÏARD BROS.,XADIZ. OHIO. The Willsie Pocket Camera.... Is constructed upeu a new principie It uses no roll film, uoilln holder, plate holder changing sleeve or bag Takes 24 Pie tures without reloucllDg. Snap Shots. Time Exposures. Each picture is on a separate film tHx'2%. Eacu picture can be developad separately. Films Changed In Daylight. fië camera measu)es 4x3ï2H lnches. Bas a nood lens, a safety shutter and a i - 1 set of tli ree stops. Iscovered withgrala leather. g;Price $5.00. Send for Camera Information. THE WILLSIE -CAMERA CO., i;4 Van Buren St., Chicago, JH pg n&xfcx REVIVO %SÊw Él RESTORES VITALITY. ïvt'naj.JjJÊWeW Man lfith Day. 'iM of Me. THE GREAT soth Day. J; JrtE JJOTFE REM H I )T produces the above resnlts in!3O days. It ckt powerfolly and quickly. Cures when all othen tMiï. Foung men wlll regain their lost m&nhood.andold men wlll recover their youthful vigor by uainc REVIVO. It qnickly and surely restores Nerron miss. Lost Vitality. Impotency, Kightly Emisiioni, Lost Power, Faihng Memory, Wastinar BiBeases, aod all effects of self-abuso or exces and indiscreties, which unfits one for stndy, busineas or marriag e. It not only cnres by starting at the seat of disease, bot is a great nerve tonto and blood bnilder, bringicg back the pink glnw to pale cheeks and restoring the fire of youth. It wards ofT 7nanity and Consnmption. Insitt on having REIVIVOf no other. It can be carried in Test pocket. Ly mail, S1.00 perpackage, or six for M6.O0, irith a posl tive written gnarantee to cure or refnnd the ruoney . Circular f ree. Address Royal Medicine Co., 'ÜtiSSSSÜO: For salo by Eberbacb Drng and Cberuu-al Co.. Ann Arbor M eh


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