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$2,000.00 "ffi'Iff It is now the custom of advertisors to spend thousnnds of dollars each year on show cards, póstera and signs on bill-boards. We propuse to give this money to the people, and propose to give away, absolutely f ree and without consideration, TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, in 89 Prizes, as follows: HERE ARE THE PRIZES. 1 Prize, a Missouri Farm $1,000 00 1 " Beautïf ui Rosewood Upright Piano 700 00 1 " Columbia Bicycle 10 00 8 Cash Gold Prizes oí $20.00 each 60 00 g " " 10.00 each 50 00 . . g " " " 5.00 each 40 00 20 " " " 2.50 each 50 00 89 Total $2,000 00 We will give to the person forming the greatest number of words out of the letters in the word SENNARETS, the lirst prize, a Missouri Farm, Valued at $1,000.00, consisting of 80 acres of good land, f ree and clear of any encumbrance, and perfect title. To the porson forrning the next greatest number, we will give a beautiful Rosewood Upright Piano, valued #t $700.00, and to the person forming the next greatest number, a Columbia Bicycle, valued at $100.00, and to the next 86 largest lists, we will give cash gold prizes, as noted above, making a total of 39 prizes, which will be gi?en away, and you can get one of them if you will try . Write to the THIEBES-STIERLIN MUSIC COMPANY, 1118, Olivo Street, St. Louis, Mo., for illustrated descriptivo catalogue of the Piano t0 be given away, or have your city friend cali on them for you. DIREOTIONS. ! In making up your list use nothingbut English words. Words spélled alike but having a. different meaning can be used but onco. Use any dictionary. Anything that is a legitímate word will bo allowcd. Worklt out in this way, senna, an, set, sat, eat. Use these words In your list. We offer these rewards in order to introduce SENNARETS, the best Candy Cathartic in the world, for the baby, child, boy, girl, mother, father, grandma and graiulpa. They all like them. they are just like candv! Aák grandma what senna is, she can teil you, and will hail with delight the coming of SENNA in the form that it is now introdueed. Here is a chance for the school gir'., the school boy, the teacher, the young and the old, to obtain a Farm, Piano, Bicycle and $200.00 in GoUJ, absolutely FREE. Get down your dictionary and go to work, it will be. found pleasant and instructivp.. .and every father and aiother should encourage boya and girls to enter this contest. There will be no favorites, the person eending in the largest correct list will receive the rewards no matter who they are or where they live. Your list should be made up at once, as this offer may not be made again, and the contest will close November 25, 1897, and the ñames of the successful contestants will be published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 30th, 1897. CONDITIONS. Ask yoftr Drnggist fora box of SKNNARETS, 25'centsize. In the box you wiil find a SENNAUET word building contest card. Send this card . with your list of Words. No list considered Tvithout it. Box of SENNARETS with ínü partioulars will be mailed yon oá receipt of 25 cents in Silver or Postage. if your Diuggist does not keep them. Buy tind Try a Box of SENNARETS, the best Candy Catüarticin the world, and ffft o;ie of the Thirty-nine Prizes. You cnn do it if you will only try. , Address all letters to the 1201 and 1202 Chemical Building, St. Louis, JHo., l). . A.


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