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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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WEM, NERVOUS, DISEASED MEN 250,000 CÜRED IN 2O YEARS. &S='CU?E"S GUARANTEED OR AO PAY I pÉÜffifk $1000 IN GOLD F0R A CASE WE B 4lÉiP"k CANNOT CURE OF Htsilv5=f SELF-ABUSE, EHISSIONS, VARICOW aefÈSts, CELE, CONCEALED DRAINS, STRICTI Kí1t URE SYPH1LIS, STUNTED iSwP ''W0 PARTS, LOST MANHOOD, IMPOTENB"P-!Êw0 CY' nERV0U5 DEBÍLITY, UNNATI "Ai URAL DISCHAR0ES' ETCIVfflralS iH The New M8l.ho!l Treatment is the 1 Greatest Discovery of the Age awevowwbk. FOR CURING THESE DI-SEASES S ■'O'isanils of young and middle aged men are annually swept to a prematura gglW througt KAULY INDISCRKT1UNS. EX-KSSES, AND HLOOD OISEASES. If ga you have any of i!io fullowlng sytnptoms consult us boforo H is too late. Are you nergj youa an-1 wok, aosponilent and gloomy. specks before the oyes wltti dark circlea under M ttiom, woak baok, kldnoya irritable, palpitatio ot toe heart, ba'slitul. drcams and H lüibos. spdlniont in urlno, pimpla on tho fi;oe, eyea aimken, hollow choeks, careworo ■ ezuraasiou poor memoir. Ufelcss, diatrustful, lack wiepgy iind trength, tlred moriiK5ÍHK3, rBHtl.Tsa ni„-liin, changoablo moods, weak manhood, stuutcd orgaua aud promaptur.ï.'..c i . . 'vino ii.iins, hairlooae, soro throat etc. vivmar YOU HA VB SEMINAL WEAKNESS l í 0 R NEW .ETriOü THEATMENT alone can Bcure you, and tnnkoa mm of you. Underits . Honce Ihe bratn becomea active, the blood pur.liid 'S-! 9 Haft tbnfall pimples, blotcboa and ulcers disapprar; H the liuívna yeco me strnng as steel,' so that nervousi ■ noes, baslifiiliicaa iind dosponency dlsappear. H tho oyoa becomn lirlht, iho tacQ full and ilsar, B enorgy returns to tho body, and tho moral, physicul mhv! sozual Bystoms ai Lnvijrorati '■■. alj liraii „ ■ H HHHHHJ Hooasfl-ijo mora vital wasto f rom tho systeni. The HBEX2 d B various Ofana becomo natural and manlj'. You 1 1 ;!" V JKB ' I ■ ''I youraeir a man mei know marriase cannot bo t ' W-fSii V' '." gafailiirn, Vo invito uil the afflictcd to consult 113 %$ t 1 'iIHÍIHI Hconndontlally and tree of charge. Pon'tlctquckg Mhm. f-J ■fty'iHjM El and fakirs rob you of your hard earncd dollars. BBrHBLL" ES i HAS YOÜR DL00D EEN DISEASED: ■ ,1 .4O I SYPHIIJS is tho most prevalent and most serlous i' -. HBLOOL) ilisnis ■. Itsaps the very Hfo blood of tho SJiliK. '-.'"?ri3' ' J Hvictim and unlossj oniiivlyeradicated from thesys"-" . :!); affect tho oftepring. Beware of Morcury hereditasy dlood cisease. H lt oniy ""PïWe the ymptom8-p NfiWMEI HOD positlvoly cures it for over. ■ n HkN L'i? ,' 'OULB-AOED lVJAN-You'vB tA a gay lite, or indulod In the follles Holyoutn. belt-abuso or latur oxoos3h3 nava proken down youp vstoni You teel the giï-mptoms stoalinfi over you. Montally, physically and soxuaüy yon aro pot the man BS2S5?rt? J Lustful practicas reap rich harvesta: Will you hood a 1 R F n '1 R I Tim y"" r7-!"u,n!? n!ve yu l3t bope? Aro you oontemplatlng marrlage? a"1 7J' ' „5lyQU'l'fS?5lS!Íí85ftsea? Have you any weakncssV Uur Nt,v Mnlío-I g ïPijant will cure you. lt ),as done iqrotherf; it will do for you. Consultitlon ■ Frce. Nc.nm.ttcr li" has traateq you, write for an 'honost '„pipío ÏTeVof öharm! B&V!1'"" Ol t5,ook3 Freg -'■■moGolden Monitor" (illustrLtod): on Dlaeaaes of 1 Ij Men. Inolose pastage, 2 oenta, iealed. Book on "Diaeasea of Womcn" Freo B S Nn „"1 T" USED W,ITHUT WRITTEN CONSENT. PMVATE No m c „e s' r.t C 0 D U 1 nitnl f REE" r Ev")th!ng conlidential. Questlon list ar.d csl of Trsat i No. 143 SH EL B VST. 1 DETROI i , MÍCH. [i


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