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Mush Hour

There's no adrenaline rush like a MUSH RUSH! And the only way to get one is behind a team of highly trained sled dogs! Jump on, as we embark on the greatest dog sled race in the non-contiguous United States!

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I know the name of the dog for the second clue, but it doesn't seem to be working as the code.

Having trouble with the first clue. Got the town where the race ends, but entering it into the catalog didn't turn up any answers. Do I add the state as well?

I need help on the 4th clue I already know the woman’s name, but there isn’t anything useful in the catalog.

Got it

Awarding 1,049 points would have been more in keeping with the run of clues for this badge, check? Several of the clue sled us astray, but in the end, Iditarod at all of the correct answers.

I am having trouble with the third clue in the mush hour badge and I have looked up the check points and still am having great trouble finding the answer

I am having trouble with mush rush badge first clue.
Race end in Nome and the movie sled dogs

For the answer to clue 3, Google Iditarod 2020 checkpoints. The name you are looking for will be the tenth on the list, you can double-check that the distance is in the range given in the clue. Then search for that name in the catalog. The code will be in an adult mystery book. Good luck!

Can somebody please tell me the code for clue three? I cant find the answer even if i follow the exact instructions from the staff's comment. Please help!!!

I have found the answer to code three. You have to scroll down quite a bit to the second mystery book. FINALLY FOUND ITTTT!!!!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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