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Snail Speed

Does it feel like things are going very slooooooow right now? Or maybe super speedy? Or maybe we’ve entered a weird alternative world where there is NO TIME AT ALL!! But let’s talk snails! What these little guys lack in speed, they make up for in determination! All of your codes for this badge will be found in downloadable items. So go ahead and change the catalog search to “downloads” (under formats) and then search “snails” to find your first code!

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Hi! That's because this badge isn't quite ready yet. This badge hasn't been posted to the public and isn't on the badge page, so you may have stumbled on it (or one of its codes) a little early.

If a badge doesn't have an image, that's a good sign it's probably not ready yet. Make sure you choose badges from the Badge Page (or Drop Posts) only!

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I had thought that these were sneaky ways for extra points - didn’t realize we weren’t supposed to do them if we found them.


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