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Goofy Greek Gods

You know who did a ton of crazy stuff? The Greek gods and goddesses! They were always falling in love, fighting with each other, tricking mortals and each other, and generally causing antics and trouble all over. Let's learn about some of the super silly stuff they did in this badge!

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It says I redeemed the code after I type it in but it doesn't give me the next clue. I'm on the second to last one.

Looks like I got points for all five codes, but the badge says I only completed the first three clues.

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How? I reloaded the page multiple times... I had the clue (and the last one but then suddenly it's like it went back.

The game code I found for the Hephaestus clue is for the 2020 Summer Game: Ghost Townies badge. I cannot continue with the Goofy Greek Gods badge, because the rest of the clues are for Ghost Townies.

omg.. for the last clue I have tried amazon, amazon women, amazon river, amazon warriors, amazon tribe, and nothing seems to work!

I got the code (I believe) for question 4, submitted it but it did not unlock my next clue. When I try it again it says it has already been submitted.

For the fourth clue, I search the word but it says i can't get onto the page. I think it's my screentime, but I can't figure out the code now. Can anybody give me the code or maybe tell me what to search? maybe it's wrong anyway. I got fire...


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