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Comic Book Clans

Many classic comics have something in common: a team of heroes who fight bad guys and save the world! Let's talk about some of these famous super-teams in this badge!

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After solving the first clue, it did not enter it to allow me to see the second clue. I cannot find a way to fix this.

After solving the first clue, clue 5 opened (not clue 2). So I can't access codes 2, 3, & 4. Is there something I can do to resolve this?

It sounds like you may have found the code to a different clue than the first one. You'll want to search "X men" in the catalog to find the first code and get the second clue. I hope this helps!

I have tried googling superhero groups trying to figure out which one dr. octopus came from, but no luck.


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