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1904 Olympic Flop

We're taking a look at the BIZARRE, WACKY, and "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED" moments in history and what better way to start off than honoring the COMPLETELY ABSURD events of the 1904 Summer Olympics Men's Marathon race!? And we're OFF!!

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I spelled [OMITTED BY STAFF] (the official number that I found) and have clicked through the first ten entries and found no code yet.

You have the right number and spelling! Just use that as your CODE rather than a catalog search term. I've edited your comment to save others from the spoiler of the last code :)

Thanks for playing!

Hi! I'm having some trouble on the fourth clue. This one is about William _______. I can't seem to find his last name. I've googled "william 1904 olympics", but still can't seem to find out his name.

I found William's last name, but nothing is popping up in the catalog. I even refined the search results.

Hmmmm. I wonder if we're looking for different Williams! The last name you should be searching for starts with G and is 6 letters long! Make sure you're ONLY searching for the last name in the catalog! Let us know if you still need more help after that! Thanks for playing! :)


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