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Pepe Le Pee-Eww

Pee-eww! What's that smell?? It's the most adorable little stinkers you've ever seen...SKUNKS!

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I view skunks as the Ann Arbor town animal - more prevalent than anywhere I've lived, with distinctive odor anywhere anytime.

AADL says "skunk spray is often the LAST RESORT when threatened." My cat Huey disagrees. Just this year he has had two encounters with skunks that did not end well - both times dripping spray, with one full face blinding blast in winter. There was no need for spray - these skunks are easily triggered.

Huey did not see any cute little dance, tail slapping, or handstand - and neither did I. I earned the Pepe Le Pee-Eww Badge in Huey's honor. By the way, we now have H2O2 wipes ready to go, and tomato juice really does help - the spray smells like burnt rubber on pet fur.

We set realistic goals: learn to live with some skunk smell vs eliminate totally. It sticks around deep in fur for weeks.

Huey would like to sponsor counterpoint badge in 2021. We’re brainstorming now😺

My dog Marcus pioneered a skunk odor removal system. He rolls in myrtle till the smell is gone. He hates baths, so possibly this is why he got so creative.

I once heard a podcast that said that you can train yourself to like the smell of skunks. For whatever that's worth. I am not there yet, but the local skunks give me plenty of practice and I am getting closer!


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