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Badge Drop #1: Now and TEN

Fri, 06/12/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's a sunny summer FRIDAY, and that means it's time for a Summer Game BADGE DROP! It's the first Badge Drop of the TENTH year of Summer Game, so we thought we might do something extra, like drop 10 badges at a time or write 10 Badge Drop Posts or make every code worth 10 points.

What bad ideas! 

So we decided to keep things casual and just BURY YOU in a BARRAGE of BADGES. Like we usually do!

It's a smorgasbord of boredom-busters! These badges are about HISTORY and ANIMALS and CRUMBLY COOKIES! Take a BIZARRE ROAD TRIP through the U.S.! Explore the QUIRKY WORKS of Wes Anderson film by film! Learn about BASEBALL and how to score a GOAL or get to FOURTH BASE or WHATEVER BASEBALL IS ABOUT!


Thanks for playing!!

Badge Drop #1

Hip Hippo Hooray!1904 Olympic FlopFriday Night Lights OnLaunch PadPepe Le Pee-EwwZipping Along in the 1910s!Jack of all SpadesHave Samoa!Wild White SandsTake Me Out with the CrowdDowntown DiscovererMalletts Creek CollectorPittsfield PerambulatorTraverwood TraverserWestgate WayfarerTake a Hike with A2SFAbove BoardChalk it Up with A2SF


Thank you, AADL! I've been looking forward to the Summer Game 2020 since Summer Game 2019 ended. Y'all are brilliant at this! I appreciate so much all of your creativity, smart thinking, and engagement with the community as you create badges, unique clues, and all-around fun stuff for the game. I am sure Summer Game is a TON of work. It makes a difference to me, our family, and--I know--many in the A2 community. You are rock stars in my book.

Is the website getting hammered because of Summer Game, or is something else going on? I've been getting numerous errors - Saturday June 13th, around noon. For example, I click on the title in a search result and I get either "unexpected error; try again" (which suggests overload or other sitewide problem) or "Sorry, the item you are looking for couldn't be found." (which is weird, since I'm clicking on your links). Even the "contact us" link is landing on an error page.

Not a load problem, but this matches a service outage we have occasionally. Looks like it's all working now. Sorry for the trouble, just let us know if you're still having trouble, and thanks for playing!

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