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Chalk it Up with A2SF

AADL and A2SF have declared Sunday, June 14th to be #A2CHALKDAY! Along with Hometown Hero David Zinn, we're inviting everyone in town to make some chalk art on that Sunday!

Then, take a photo of your chalk art, and share it with us or with the world, and you'll get a valuable code and this badge for sharing your chalk art!

You can post your art to Social Media using the #a2chalkday tag, and don't forget to tag @aadl on twitter or @aadlgram on instagram so we'll be sure to see it! Or you can email a photo to .

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! We're also going to JUDGE YOU! We have 4 $100 gift cards for the very best chalk drawings by a kid, teen, adult, or group! 

If you'd like to be considered for the prize, be sure to either post to your social media using the #a2chalkday hashtag or tagging @aadl (or @aadlgram on insta) or email us at and don't forget to include the following, or we won't be able to consider your art for a prize:

- artist's first name
- artist's age
- photo

Deadline to send in your entries is Midnight on Sunday June 14th 2020! Winners will be notified by Friday, June 26th 2020.

Just let us know if your art was a group effort as we've got a gift card just for that, although it's up to you to decide how to share it...

So get out there this weekend and CHALK IT UP!

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I just started doing summer game today. My friend reminded me of it so i just now saw this badge. Is there any chance I could send it now?

Looks like 235 people got this code. We submitted our entry on Facebook with the tag a2chalkday before the deadline and never received a code. 😕
How can we get our code and be sure we were entered in the contest? Thanks SO much for your help. I know you guys are VERY busy. THANK YOU!!!


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