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Above Board

Did you know that AADL is governed by an elected Board of 7 trustees? And did you know that they meet monthly? And did you know that those meetings are streamed to YouTube?

Well, now you do!

At each of AADL's Summer 2020 Board of Trustees meetings, there will be a different code given out at the beginning of Josie's Director's Report. You can't miss it, it will be on the screen!

Watch the meetings that happen at 7 PM on Monday June 15th or Monday July 20th; you can find the links to the video in the Board section of the AADL website, or on AADL.TV.

You just need to get the code from one meeting to earn this badge! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

You can also make a Citizen's Comment to the Board during one of their meetings to receive an amazing 1000-point bonus code for exercising your civic muscles!

There are four ways to make a Citizen's comment. Don't forget to tell us your name!

1. Email a written comment to or text it to 734-327-4200 . We'll read your message to the board during the meeting. Don't forget to tell us your name!

2. Send a video of you making your comment to Please do this if you're interested! We love to see our players at these meetings! Your video will be played on the screen for the board and will become a part of the video record of the meeting.

3. Leave a voicemail comment by calling 734-327-4245 and leaving your comment in Eli's voicemail box. Your comment will be played for the board during the meeting.

4. Watch the meeting live as it happens on YouTube, and make your comment in the Live Chat window! We'll read your comment at the end of the meeting. This only works if you do it while the meeting is still happening.

In response to any one of those, we'll send you a special code worth 1000 points for making a Citizen's Comment! 

As always, just contactus if you have any questions about this, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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There's a new code in the Director's report for each regular meeting (not the 6/29 Special Meeting) but there's only one code for commenting during this summer. So once you've made a comment for a board meeting and received the code and the badge, no further comment is required! You're welcome to make further comments of course, Summer Game or not, but there's only one code for commenting this summer. Thanks for asking!


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