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Ah, Chess. We all know it and/or pretend to know it. But how well do you really KNOW it? YOUR MOVE.

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Hi library folks! I found and redeemed the first code for this badge, but thanks to some odd browser back-and-forth, the page isn't showing me the second clue. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks for keeping the game running through this strange pandemic summer!

Hi there! First thing is to make sure you have the right first code! It is 3 words for 11 letters total starting with T! If that all looks right to you, here's the second clue which will hopefully get you back on track:
"As we've established, chess has been around for a long WHILE and people aren't even tired of it yet! AMAZING, but not SURPRISING. There are SO many different moves in chess that it's not shocking that we, as humans, haven't moved on since we LOVE to move on from things (like FarmVille, amirite?!) The total number of moves both players could potentially make in the first four moves in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000. THAT IS A LOT. The possibilities aren't ENDLESS, but they MIGHT AS WELL BE. Go ahead and search for "possibilities" in the catalog!"

I went through the rest of the badge just fine thanks to your help, but it still shows as incomplete. I know I have the right first code, re-entering it gives me "Code "{REDACTED}" already redeemed on July 5, 2020, 8:51 pm", but the badge page doesn't show that I've redeemed it. Any other suggestions for what I could do to fix it?

Then you don't have the right first item, you found a code from some other badge! Just follow the clue; search the catalog for time and you'll find the first code in the first item that comes up in a search for time.


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